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SubjectRe: softupdates and ext2

On Wed, 31 Mar 1999 10:27:45 +0200, Thomas Pornin <>

> The *BSD have a feature called "softupdates" which seems to be the
> following: writes to a ufs filesystem are not synced on a sector basis
> but according to the filesystem structure, which means that between
> two physical updates, the filesystem is always coherent.

No. Soft updates give you a form of asynchronous write ordering, but
that just means that the problems you get on unexpected reboot are
predictable for fsck to recover, not that there are no inconsistencies
at all.

> So.. is there any plan/patch for integrating some softupdate feature to
> ext2 under Linux ? Or is there something I utterly missed ?

I'm currently working on proper journaling (ie. no fsck required at all
after unexpected reboot) for ext2.


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