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    SubjectRe: APM battery status

    First of all thanks for your answer.

    I have solved my "always 100%" problem by changing my
    bios setup: I have change the default to "maximum power saving"
    and the % works again. I still do not understand why the default
    stop working ...

    About the PS/2 touch pad and apm :

    When the machine is AC off-line and I use an X-apm utility, after some times,
    the mouse become a little bit crazy: the click effect is 1 cm up that
    it should be. I can stop this by suspend and resume or living X
    and come back. Note that this happen with or without gpm running.
    I be come "sure" that some apm utility is the cause
    of the problem when I used xbatstat : the bad click effect become
    exactly when I start this apm utility (and if I suspend and resume
    without killing xbatstat then the click effect become more crazy).
    IMVHO, these utilities ask the battery status very often (xbatstat very
    very often, I thing: I am not able to read the source) and this
    give raise to a conflict with the PS/2 touch pad (I have see in
    dejanews some messages about conflict between ppp (via the serial
    port) and the apm)
    More info:
    interupt: 12: 8810 XT-PIC PS/2 Mouse
    /proc/misc : 134 apm / 1 psaux
    ls -l /dev/apm_bios /dev/psaux :
    crw------- 1 root root 10, 134 jan 9 16:04 /dev/apm_bios
    crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 10, 1 mar 31 18:30 /dev/psaux

    The machine: Compaq presario 1234 (quite similar to the more
    popular 1220 and 1240). The bios is a "Pheonix" version 1.2. Here
    a cat /proc/apm :
    1.9 1.2 0x03 0x00 0x00 0x01 60% -1 ? .

    [offtopic] Note also that an apm -S give me the following message:
    Mar 31 20:09:42 snoopy kernel: apm: standby: Unable to enter requested state
    and apm -s do nothing (I can "suspend" with Fn F4 and the machine can
    suspend when it have to do !).
    Is this normal ?

    Many Thanks again,

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