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SubjectRe: /dev/changer
On Tue, Mar 30, 1999 at 11:03:24AM +0200, Jeroen Massar wrote:

> Currently we only have the following problems:
> - It's a changer so you technically CAN'T access two slots at the same
> time. Thus whenever you spool two movies, one from slot 0 and the other
> from slot 3 the /dev/changer code will keep swapping between them every
> request. It'll get very slow because of this.

> I'll work on something like a timer or alike (see the source-code) which
> will fix this by simply only allowing a slotchange every n seconds and
> thus effectivly allowing datatransfer from/to that slot for that time.

while this one is for atapi/ide(?), my scsi changer faces this same
problem. not only does it constantly swap, it also pegs the cpu. are there
any plans to resolve this in the scsi drivers?

<BLINK> ;for (74,1970500640,1634627444,1751478816,1348825708,543711587,
1801810465){for($x=1<<1^1;$x>=1>>1;$x--) {$q=hex ff,$r=oct($x=~s,\d,$&*
10,e,$x),$x/=1/.1,$q<<=$r,$s.=chr (($_&$q)>>$r),$t++}}while(-r$0&&-e$0)
{$o=$o?$?:$/;$|=1;print $o?$s:$"x$t if$;;print"\b"x$t;sleep 1} </BLINK>

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