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SubjectRe: GNU/Linux
On 30 Mar 1999, Chris Adams wrote:

> No you are NOT asking people to do it voluntarily. You are ramming your
> opinion down everyone's throat. If you were asking people to make a
> change voluntarily, you wouldn't "correct" everyone every time they use
> the word "Linux" to refer to the OS. If you weren't trying to force
> people to change, you would have dropped the idea long ago, as it has
> always been controversial and never been widely accepted.

Ah, so the guy who broke down my apartment door last night, stuck a gun
to my head telling me I must call my system "GNU/Linux" instead of just
"Line-ux" or endure the wrath of being anally raped was actually Richard
Stallman. I'm sure the police would like that piece of information.

It must be really bugging some of you that he's on a mission to have GNU
recognized. His attempts have seem to reasonable and civilized. I'm
not really sure why some of you are so worked up over all this. Whether you
agree with him, like him or hate him, he did form the FSF. I'm not sure
if some of you understands exactly what that means or what it takes to
push and live a project like the FSF.

Back when all the hippies were protesting against the USA and its involvement
in Vietnam, a lot of them seemed to have forgotten that it was soldiers who
fought and died for the country so that those hippies would even have the
right and opportunity to talk about how much their country sucked.

I have yet to read statements from the FSF indicating they are on some sort
of agenda other than to remind the world that part of the success of Linux
is in part due to a set of very useful GNU tools. I for one appreciate
the fact that I can buy a computer for $1000 and start WORKING without
paying another $1000 just to use the computer. There's not many among us
who are technically capable of starting a project like the FSF much less
live in its ideals.

People seem to forget the Linux didn't get popular because of some stupid
marketing ploy. It's popular because it works. A lot of people want
Michael Jordan to speak out more on political issues because of his fame.
He knows better. He's only a basketball player. Linus has the same sense.
He has said he works on Linux to make it useful to him. As long as he and
the rest of the developers keep this attitude, Linux will always work.
That's about the only important thing, that Linux works. I doubt any of
this political bickering will have much effect on Linux and GNU developers.

Give it a rest, people. The man has been on a mission for the last 15 years.
If you agree with his latest arguement, help him out and call it GNU/Linux.
If not, just call it Linux. Either way, just use the damn thing.

Jiann-Ming Su "People seldom do what they believe in. They do what is convenient, then repent." --Bob Dylan

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