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SubjectRe: which pci sound card does not have dropouts under load wrote:
> Hopefully the subject does not sound to harsh.
> As stated in a previous mail I have problems when
> playing wav files with my sb 16 vibra:
> I get dropouts when the system is under some load.
> I got information about configuration and Alan states that this
> card is not really supported (Thanks Creative for not
> submitting the specs).
> Thanks for the help to the kernel hackers.
> So I decide to buy a new sound card.
> Someone suggested to get an pci sound card to avoid
> configuration problems (Which is exactly the same idea
> I had also, but forget to mention in the mail).
> I found in Alan's diary that he is working on a driver for
> an ESS Maestro sound card. Unfortunate when I ask in a
> shop for this card they state that the card is not produced/sold
> any more.
> So my question is:
> Which pci sound card(s) can the experts suggest (because
> the specs are released, there exists a good linux sound driver
> and they are sold now)?
> Some Information about my computer:
> Kernel: 2.2.2 compiled without modules (no patches) (SMP)
> Distribution: Suse 6.0
> Motherborard: Gigabyte 686BXDS
> Processors: Two Pentium II 350 Mhz
> Scsi - Adapter: Adaptec 7895 (build into the motherboard)
> HD: IBM UW 9100MB
> CD-Rom: Plextor 40X UltraSCSI
> Sound card: sb 16 vibra
> Thanks in advance
> Thomas
Me personally, I really like the Ensoniq AudioPCI / AudioPCI 97 /
Creative SoundBlaster PCI, which are all basically the same card.

They are pci (duh), supported by both ALSA and OSS, but not OSS Lite.
They have 2 DSPs, one that does playback/record @ 16bit48k, one that
does playback at 16bit48k. Nice mixer, four internal inputs(!!), one for
CD audio, one for a radio card, and two auxillary inputs.

However, it does not have a FM synth chip, ala Yamaha OPL2/3. So no
cheezy muzak in DOOM. It does do wavetable, but I have not looked into
using it, as I don't care too much. If I wan music with DOOM, I'll play
some Pantera or something.

I have experienced some skipping while under high load, and I have not
played with the dmabuf settings. I've had audio skips under high load
since the dawn of time, and always assumed it was because my CPU wasn't
fast enough; oh well, you live and learn.

Maybe some kind soul out there knows if the dmabuf option is settable
from a LILO boot prompt / /etc/lilo.conf file...

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