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    SubjectRe: Opening 5000 file descriptors in linux??
    Craig Munday wrote:
    > Lokesh,
    > I think you might find it problematic opening so many file descriptors.
    > You should consider the activity of the client, my guess is not all clients
    > will be active at the same time. Therefore you could have a pool of say
    > 100 sockets (can be any number) that you share amongst the 5000 or
    > 20000 clients. In this case each client has a type of virtual connection
    > in the sense that the client may not actually have an open socket but it
    > looks and acts as if it did.
    > Obviously when either the server or the client needs to send anything you
    > must re-establish the socket connection.
    > Alternatively, you might be able to define a protocol that sends packets of
    > data between the client and server. In this way, the socket is only open
    > while the packet is being sent. This might get around your problem of
    > having so many sockets open at once, but the process of opening and
    > closing so many socket connection might be over whelming.

    Obviously, this only works if you can change the client. If you're
    writing a server that needs to talk to lots of socket-per-connection
    clients, you need to have a lot of open file descriptors.

    2.2.x with the large-fdset patches can handle > 10^5 descriptors, last I
    heard from our server guys.


    438865.40 72598.35

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