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SubjectRe: GNU/Linux
>>>>> "George" == George Bonser <> writes:

George> On Sun, 28 Mar 1999, Richard Stallman wrote:

George> Well, if you instist on making the additional requirement
George> that anyone using GNU tools must add GNU/ to whatever they
George> produce

Where did RMS write that? He wrote:
>Properly speaking, Linux is the kernel that Linus wrote. He started
> development of the kernel, so naming it is his prerogative.

George> is a temporary problem and people with either endevor to
George> make other tools without such restrictions or port
George> existing tools without such restrictions to their systems
George> in order to be truely free.

Yes, and I'll market and sell all your tools under the GNU name. You
wouldn't mind, would you?

The question is to what extent parasites like Microsoft should be parasites
off the public system, or should be granted any rights at all.
Noam Chomsky

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