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Properly speaking, Linux is the kernel that Linus wrote.  He started
development of the kernel, so naming it is his prerogative.

The operating system in which Linux is typically used is basically the
GNU system, combined with Linux and somewhat modified. The GNU
Project started development of this system, so we ought to get credit.
Mentioning GNU in names of variants of the system is a way of giving
credit. The best name to use for the Linux-based variant of the
system is "GNU/Linux", which means, GNU and Linux together.

It wouldn't be right to use the term "GNU Linux", because that would
mean either "GNU's version of Linux" or "Linux, which is a GNU
program". Those meanings don't fit the facts. "GNU/Linux" does fit.

Calling the operating system just Linux confuses most users--anyone
who doesn't have a real firm understanding of the difference and
relationship between the whole system and the kernel. These people
see statements about "Linux", some of which refer to the kernel and
some of which refer to the whole system, and they don't realize that
not all the statements are talking about the same thing.

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