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SubjectRe: NR_OPEN vs OPEN_MAX vs RLIMIT_NOFILE, and a glibc bug?
On Sat, 27 Mar 1999 11:44:41 GMT, Olaf Titz <> wrote:

>This implies that the common usage of getdtablesize() to find out the
>highest numbered fd is wrong to begin with, since a process could open
>(or inherit!) a fd and subsequently lower RLIMIT_NOFILE. It also
>suggests it is not possible to find out the highest numbered fd at
>all. (And using the _soft_ limit makes it sounds yet more questionable

AIX has a nice fcntl to close all file descriptors above and including a
the given fd value, e.g fcntl(3, F_CLOSEM, 0) would close fd 3 and up.

Jens-Uwe Mager <pgp-mailto:62CFDB25>

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