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SubjectRe: Proposal: Aegis to manage Linux kernel development
Peter Miller wrote:
> [ about Aegis ]

A few questions:

- If I receive an Aegis changeset, how do I contextually eyeball
its effects on the current repository? This is clearly
something the kernel maintainers wish to do quickly and easily.

- Is there support for forward branching? (right term?). Where a
patch to a branched earlier release can be fed forward into
the current. The Linux kernel isn't big/complex enough to
need this, but it's nice for other stuff.

- If a change set has been committed to the main repository
is it possible (easy) to see each of the individual changes
which made up that changeset?

If so, can a single one of those be backed out?

- How does it implement the three-way merge? And what's your
experience with the 3way merge? Does it work? I've always
felt they're a bit scary.


Andrew Morton

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