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Subject[OFFTOPIC] Re: GNU/Linux stance by Richard Stallman
Shaw Terwilliger wrote:
> George Bonser wrote:
> > This just proves that GNU software is not really free. It is hung out
> > there to entice you to use it and when you do, they spring the trap and
> > try to lay claim to your success as their own.
> This "proves?" This "proves" nothing. The only thing this comes close
> to proving is that Ziff-Davis can once again deliver an ASCII bytestream
> devoid of any real content save a single quote and the reporter's
> speculation. It could have been better phrased like, "I went to a
> conference, Stallman said the same thing he's said for years, and
> people talked about it."

I really think that you are unfair to the journalist. He tried to
explain different sides´ views and the incident setting, and then went
on to offer a opinion about that issue, clearly marked as personal

Disclaimer: I do not remember specific articles authored by that
journalist, only the current article that we are discussing.


P.S.: The most interesting part of the article was for me referencing
GNOME´s ability to work with several desktops as a new or worthy
feature. I would never dream of selling this as "chief visual
characteristic". This clearly shows how far apart my "Linux mindset" is
from the Windows mainstream. (And what the main audience for that
article seems to be.)
If a listener nods his head when you're explaining your program, wake
him up.

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