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    SubjectRe: Linux-2.2.4..
    Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > There's a new 2.2.x version out there now.
    > As of 2.2.4, I shoul dbe synchronized with the Sparc[64] and PPC ports,

    Sparc10, 2x66MHz Ross HyperSPARC 64M ram, 1G disk
    Ran 2.2.3 fron RedHat Starbuck great.
    Build from 2.2.4 tar-ball:

    1) hangs trying to load audio.o on cs4231.0 modules.
    I let it sit for 20 min, still stuck. only PROM
    will get control back.
    2) without sound loading, will freeze after aprox. 20min
    gust waiting at the console login.


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