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SubjectRe: Linux-2.2.4..
Richard Gooch wrote:
> > cls_fw.c: In function `fw_dump':
> > cls_fw.c:306: structure has no member named `police'
> > make[3]: *** [cls_fw.o] Error 1
> OK, write a patch, test it and send it to the list. Cc me and I'll add it
> to the kernel newsflash page. Also mention which config option is required
> to expose this problem.

Okay, the patch below seems to work fine and eliminates the problem as far
as I can see:

--- linux/net/sched/cls_fw.c.orig Wed Mar 24 11:43:31 1999
+++ linux/net/sched/cls_fw.c Wed Mar 24 11:45:18 1999
@@ -303,7 +303,11 @@

t->tcm_handle = f->id;

- if (!f->res.classid && !f->police)
+ if (!f->res.classid
+ && !f->police
+ )
return skb->len;

rta = (struct rtattr*)b;

You'll notice the problem when you enable these things...

. Kernel/User netlink socket
. Routing messages
. Netlink device emulation

...but don't enable Ingres traffic policing.

I think someone else should try this out too, I'm not that experienced in
using the /dev/route device.


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