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SubjectRe: #!perl - alternative path to script interpreters - patch to 2.2

> > > But script written under different OS will work under linux without
> > > change.
> > It won't unless you have root privileges to tweak the translation
> > table used by your patch.
> Yes. :-(
> .. and not: translation table is ordinary directory. (but probably
> only root should have write access to it).
> Note that this patch is not very usefull but it is also very thin
> in terms of memory usage (and doesn't affect speed).

You want people to write

instead of


. Ok. Make them write


instead, and make sure /etc/shells contains right symlinks. No kernel
modification needed.

Or just make sure everybody has perl installed in /usr/bin or at least
has /usr/bin/perl -> /real/location/of/perl. [Right way, IMO]

I'm really Pavel
Look at ;-).

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