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SubjectRe: #!perl - alternative path to script interpreters - patch to 2.2
On Sun, 21 Mar 1999, Martin Mares wrote:

> Hello,
> > But script written under different OS will work under linux without
> > change.
> It won't unless you have root privileges to tweak the translation
> table used by your patch.

The distribution will set the for me. And when I install the Pike
interperter, then it's package will add the approiate link.

> > Script may specify /opt/new-language/bin/sth while your comp may not
> > have /opt directory tree at all - its ugly. This patch provides
> > centralized way to redirect interpreter execution.
> Then just edit the script to make it point at the right interpreter.

My girlfriend wouldn't know that was the problem, I'd have to tell her.
She shouldn't have to know. There should be a way for it to find it by

Perhaps this would be better:


Then it would work on the old systems and the autofind systems.

All systems should support this kind of system.

> > OK. But you have to change script.
> Which is exactly what should be done. The kernel is not the right
> place to handle DOS crap at.

I agree with this.

> > More: you have to know nature of a
> > problem (to remove '\r') - kernel will not tell you what is going wrong.
> If you transfer files between DOS and Linux, you definitely need
> to know the CR+LF problem -- if it won't bite you when executing a script,
> it will bite you somewhere else anyway.

Though using tr on the whole file is not the solution either (as someone
else sugessted) as there might be \r's embeded elseware in the program for
some reason.

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