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SubjectRe: linux-kernel-digest V1 #3563

I think it was Digital UNIX which simply uses the current PATH to find the
interpreter if no absolut path was given - which I think is a cleaner and more
useful solution (and I don't think it's a security risk - if PATH is compromised
security is already damaged, and of course you might specify an absolut path for
the interpreter).

> This patch provides a way to specify alternative path to script interpreters.

> Current semantics requires to specify complete path to interpreter program in
> the first line of script after #!. It is ok as long scripts are used in the
> same system. In different distribution or under different OS specified path is
> useless.

> It is more elegant to treat word after #! as a name of language and define
> directory containing links to script interpreters. This patch allows to
> use #!awk, and system can be informed how to find a path for it. If interpreter
> is not found on a specified path it is searched in directory defined in
> /proc/sys/fs/alt-script-path kernel variable.

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