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SubjectRe: breaking the 2Gigabyte limit on 32 bit arch of inode->i_size (off_t vs loff_t)
On Sun, 21 Mar 1999, Alexander Viro wrote:

>anything along the lines of ext2 on such sizes. Think of the time fsck

I am not talking about ext2 infact.

>will take. So I *seriously* doubt that it goes beyond the academical
>exercise. Moreover, anything beyond 16G is going to have a pretty complex
>internal structure and most likely will prefer to live on a separate

You mean using two disks, one for the metadata and one for the data?
That's not the problem according to me, because hardware raid will be able
to scale well and do that in hardware.

So does somebody cares about having to use 4k blocksize for handling files

Andrea Arcangeli

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