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SubjectRe: Ideas for abstracting driver IO from bus implementation?
> I presume that you're making these values as tokens so that the I/O access
> routines (such as pcibios_write_config_byte) can be told how to access their
> devices.

No Im not.

> What exactly do you mean? Does I2O deal with whole buses rather than devices?
> Or is it a case of I2O allocating resources to a bus?

I2O owns entire devices on the bus. At startup you query each I2O I/O
processor and you get back things like

"I just drive my own on card I/O stuff"

"Im a motherboard controller, I know about your aic7xxx and your eepro100,
right now I'm configured to drive the eepro100 only"

You may find two controllers offering to handle the eepro100, or neither. You
may prefer to run the native driver. Who "owns" a PCI device is a run time
configurable item

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