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SubjectRe: Lockup with 2.2.3 on SMP system
On Thu, 18 Mar 1999 wrote:

> After 4 Days and 5 hrs on a (1.2 load avg) SMP PPro system running
> 2.2.3 I too have experienced a lock-up this morning. In my case the
> mouse worked OK on X and I was able to "point'n'click" even I could
> read my email, but the keyboard was completely locked out.

This sounds more like a hardware problem than a software one to me,
especially since Magic SysRq wouldn't work but scheduling would.

The same thing has happened to me with the Packard Bell keyboard I'm
using, although oddly it only ever seems to happen when my Logitech
wheelie mouse is also plugged in. The same thing has happened to me more
than once on a Dell machine, running NT. People have told me they've
seen the same problem on both Linux and NT on the same machine.

When the Packard Bell keyboard goes, not even a reset will bring it back
to life; I have to remove power. With the Dell one I've seen this with, a
soft reset will do the trick.

I don't know what the solution is, but it seems to be a PS/2 keyboard
thing. :-(


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