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SubjectRe: can't connect to web site
Alessandro Suardi <> writes:

> Alan Cox wrote:
> >
> > > Well, based on the fact that I can get to the site but not ping them, I
> > > imagine they have disabled _all_ ICMP, including the rather important
> > > ICMP_FRAG_NEEDED, breaking path mtu discovery. Their fault, not yours.
> >
> > Not this time. This one is a Linux breakage, fair and square
> >
> As Jeremy Fitzhardinge said, it works here. "Aktiehandel Online" :)
> (vanilla 2.2.3 btw)

I don't think (although I don't know) this is a kernel issue, but I've
seen a similar problem on a 2.2.3 machine. It turned out, though, that
it was a YP/NIS problem-- the linux machine is configured as a
secondary YP server, and for some reason (probably a weird timing
issue when machines came back from a power failure) it "forgot" that
it was serving the /etc/protocols file. This made all the machines
using it as a server, as well as itself, think that it had an empty
protocols file, and ping, traceroute, and the like got a "icmp:
unknown protocol" error. Strangely, the more commonly used protocols
didn't seem to have problems; IP and UDP stuff acted fine.

Anyway, just something to look at-- try "ypcat protocols" to see if
this is the problem (assuming you're using yp at all).

The gross level info is: linux 2.2.3, debian 2.0, dual PPro200 SMP,
ypwhich (yp-tools) 2.1, yp master is HPUX 10.20.

in case this helps

- M

Mark "Monty" Montague | | I don't do Windows(tm)
DON'T PANIC! I'm a trained professional, and far more | *Why* question
qualified to panic in this situation than you are. | authority?

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