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SubjectRe: Lockup with 2.2.3 on SMP system

After 4 Days and 5 hrs on a (1.2 load avg) SMP PPro system running 2.2.3 I too
have experienced a lock-up this morning. In my case the mouse worked OK on X
and I was able to "point'n'click" even I could read my email, but the
keyboard was completely locked out. Nothing in the logs at all.
I had a "top" running in another virtual screen that didn't show
any undue loads on any processes, and my ppp link was working OK,
as were a number of other processes (that I could get to with a mouse).
Even xawtv ran fine, but I couldn't use the arrow keys to fine tune
stations, nor did SysReq or Break operate. Total Keyboard lock out.
I had a peak at /proc/interrupts (running on another virtual screen
luckily) but again nothing unusual.

Once I existed out of X, I was dead, had to use the reset button.
Hardware is very stable (been running 3 years now - no problems).

If I can trap something I advise further.
Cheers, Grahame

Sydney Linux User Group - Coordinator & Member (SLUG)
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