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    SubjectRe: Arg list too long

    > Hi!
    > For the first time, I just got this error message:
    > bash: /usr/local/bin/grep: Arg list too long
    > (I was searching using ``grep string */*'', now I'll do it
    > in a different way)
    > I'm wondering whether this is a bash or Linux process limit.
    > Is there a limit in Linux for the length of /proc/[0-9]+/cmdline?

    it's a bash limit for sure; I usually use a formula like the following:

    find . -type f -print | xargs grep string /dev/null

    (-type f limits results to regular files; you may wish to use -print0
    and the -0 option to xargs if you have files with spaces in the filenames;
    the "/dev/null" at the end is to force grep to always output the filename.)
    Kevin L. Mitchell <>
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