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    SubjectRe: /dev/psaux troubles with 2.2.2
    On Tue, Mar 16, 1999 at 08:31:21AM +0000, Johan Myréen wrote:

    > Sorry, no. The idea is to detect a mouse port if it is there, but at the
    > same time make sure the detection routine does not return "true" if a
    > port is not present. The patch first tries to write a byte into the aux
    > port output buffer, and then reads it back. If that succeeds, we have an
    > aux port. If the write fails, we try exactly the same command with the
    > keyboard output buffer. We make the assumption that these two commands
    > are either both implemented, or neither of them are implemented on a
    > controller with an aux port. If both writes fail, we are back in square
    > one, and have to try other (not perfectly reliable) tricks to detect the
    > port.
    > Unfortunately, your report tells us that this strategy doesn't work.
    > Your controller implements one of the commands, but not the other.

    Another idea - could it be that there is a bug in the implementation of
    the 'put mouse buffer' command on that motherboard that puts the byte
    into the keyboard buffer instead? It'd be interesting to check that.


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