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SubjectLockup with 2.2.3 on SMP system
After 5 days of uptime our dual PII-350 server just locked up. Symptons
are: black console, no response on the keyboard, DNS, WWW, NFS and
telnet services are gone, but ping is stil working. Nothing in the logs
and nothing on the console.

The system runs plain 2.2.3 with SuSE 6.0 + updates. The system is not
under heavy load (1 Xterminal, DNS and a WWW server that gets hit only a
couple of times each day and kernel NFS to export my homedir to my

The hardware is a dual PII-350 with a Siemens motherboard (Primergy
670) , 512 Mb RAM and two 18 Gb lvd SCSI disks.

Anyone else seeing something similar and?

Erwin de Beus

n:de Beus;Erwin
tel;fax:+31 15 2781204
tel;work:+31 15 2783248
org:Delft University of Technology;Department of Applied Physics - Section Thermal and Fluids Sciences
adr:;;Lorentzweg 1;Delft;;2628 CJ;The Netherlands
fn:Erwin de Beus
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