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SubjectRe: vfork: out of memory, when there's plenty of swap free
On Sun, 14 Mar 1999, Gerard Roudier wrote:

>And I donnot want from the part to have to guess as memory is handled by
>the kernel.

If so don't write kernel code ;).

>I may want to defrag for the system to perform better, but I donnot want
>to be required to defrag for the system to work.

RAM is not a disk. Seek time is zero (a part the L1/L2 cache issues), so
the _only_ reason to defrag the memory is to make the system to work and
avoid to fail-and-try-leather.

>is working fine when it just close to die at any time. So, I do prefer a
>system that does not require a defragmentor in order to just work.

Simply never request more than 1 page of contiguous space and you'll work
fine just now. If you are worried by the stack (never harmed here) just
vmalloc if get_free_pages fails and change the drivers that will use the
stack to do DMA on it. Or if you have plenty of ram you only need to
statically alloc 4mbyte for the stacks of 512 tasks and don't use the VM
at all to provide a stack to a process.

Andrea Arcangeli

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