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    SubjectRe: MTRR & NVTNT

    On 11-Mar-99 Scott Lampert wrote:
    > Doh! You're right of course. Setting it to size (0x1000000) worked
    > fine. That leads me to another two questions if you have the time:
    > My X server has this line for video ram:
    > (--) SVGA: PCI: NVidia Riva TNT rev 4, Memory @ 0xe4000000, 0xe6000000
    > Does this mean I should have two 8 meg MTRR entries at those base
    > addresses or just ignore the first one?

    Don't set an mtrr for the memory at 0xe4000000 - its marked un-prefetchable,
    which means its probably IO registers or something. The last thing the
    hardware needs is the CPU rearranging its instructions.


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