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SubjectRe: Recursion level of symlinks limitted to five?

On 10-Mar-99 Junio Hamano wrote:
> When that happens, there is no reason for the kernel to even
> support 5 levels of indirection. The kernel could even return
> ELOOP when it sees just one symbolic link and let the C library
> resolve the symlink. Of course, on the other hand, we may want
> to have the kernel resolve some levels of indirection itself
> for, say, performance reasons.

Also because you can't do a proper job from user-mode. The only tool available
is readlink, but readlink and followlink are different operations in the VFS
interface. In other words, its possible for a filesystem to put one thing in a
symlink as far as readlink goes, and do another when you try to follow it.
/proc has many examples of this, and it is not unique.

You may be able to do it if you add an appropriate syscall.


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