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SubjectRe: Bus error in _very_ low memory in 2.2.1
Steve Bergman wrote:
> Hi,
> For my own enjoyment I've been playing around with 2.2.1 under _extremely_ low
> memory conditions. (LILO: linux single mem=1718k) The only kernel configuration
> options selected are ELF , E2FS, and basic IDE support. I do not even have
> /proc selected.
> One thing that I have noticed is that even after swapon -a has completed
> successfully and there is plenty of swap I get "Bus Errors" when executing
> simple commands like vi. Shouldn't these just be slow and not error out like
> that? I post this only in hopes that it might help someone track down a bug
> occuring in a more common configuration than 1.7M ;-). I don't seem to see
> these in a 2M configuration.

Forgot to mention that this is a UP kernel compiled for 386. No other console
messages reported.


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