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SubjectRe: SMP Scheduling problem? 2.2.1
More info ...

Stephen Rothwell <> writes:
> I have a very long running CPU bound process running. It starts
> at boot time. I am running on a SMP dual Pentium II 350 and under
> 2.2.0 pre 4 (I think, my be pre 7) this process would cause top
> to report 99.9% user time and the CPU time usage of this process
> would keep pace with total uptime over several hours i.e. it just
> runa on one CPU and abosorbed all its time (this is what I would
> expect).

the /proc/xxx/cpu file for this process looks like this:

cpu 385220 202
cpu0 207779 47
cpu1 177441 155

a while later:

cpu 399219 204
cpu0 214922 48
cpu1 184297 156

i.e. it keeps changing cpu's. Is this normal? I thought we preferred
to keep a process on a single cpu.

Stephen Rothwell

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