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    SubjectRe: Unicode console patch
    In message <> Guest section DW

    > From: "Stanislav V. Voronyi" <>

    > I don't found anything about possible format of such requests/responces.
    > So I try to made this in my own way. If its not true please correct me.
    > At the end of this letter I attach patch which make possible to get
    > all translation information using ESC sequences. This patch add such
    > new ESC sequences:
    > \033(? - ask about G0_charset
    > \033)? - ask about G1_charset
    > \033%? - ask about utf state
    > \033C - ask about charset (^N/^O)
    > \033? - ask about all together
    > The response string is the escape sequnce to set appropriate mode, i.e.
    > \033(? -> \033(K or
    > \033? -> \033(K\033)0\033%@^O
    > So now possible send to console \033?, save the response string, and than
    > just send saved string to console to restore its state.
    > Is this sequnces good ? Any comments wellcome.

    >No, these sequences are no good.
    >Instead of describing the structure involved, let me point you at
    >the references. Most relevant are ISO 2022, ISO 4873 and ISO 6429
    >which are freely available as ECMA-35, ECMA-43 and ECMA-48.
    >See and
    > .

    Well, I looked through all this standarts & did not found
    anything about REQUESTING from terminal about its codepage set or
    is terminal in UTF mode or not. Imo all this standarts too old and
    does not apply to real life. For instance no one of this standarts
    does not have any smalest word about KOI-8[RU], or about UTF-8 mode.

    BTW my sequences \033[()%]? & \033? not so bad and apply to ISO 2022.
    [quotation start]
    In any escape sequences a Final Byte Fp (i.e. from column 03)
    shall be reserved for private use. Escape sequences for private use are
    not subject to registration under ISO2375. Thay are defined by agreement
    between the interchange parties.
    [quotation end]

    So only \033C sequence are bad and should be replaced by another
    private use combination (\033< for example). In any case all UTF stuff
    are not subject of any named standart. The broken G0-G3 switching
    will not be fixed in 2.2 kernel. I propose this patch to give for 2.2
    kernel possibilities to get from console information about console
    translation set to allow for various user level programs implement
    UTF support.

    Imo the worst thing it said "linux console broken" and do
    nothing. If possibility to get console translation modes will
    not be included to 2.2 kernel we stay in situation without UTF support
    untill 2.4 will be released. Imo it the worst case.

    I propose include to 2.2 kernel patch for unicode selection
    & keyboard support by, and my patch to get
    translation information from console driver. It the best thing what
    can be done for 2.2 kernel.

    The future of console driver it is another thing and better
    don't disscuss about it now.

    SY, Stanislav Voronyi.

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