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SubjectRe: MOSIX and kernel mods.
Followup to:  <>
By author: Richard Stallman <>
In newsgroup:
> I'm not surprised that non-free kernel modules have
> resulted in a big loophole--because the idea is a loophole
> in the first place. They enable a kernel to support more hardware,
> at the cost of not being entirely free anymore.
> The whole package becomes "more useful" by implicitly altering the
> goal (a free operating system). Now, if we want to achieve that goal,
> we have a big effort on our hands.
> Linus, if he wants to, could begin closing the loophole, by attaching
> more restrictive statements about non-free modules to future kernel
> releases. There are many different ways this could be done, to close
> the loophole either more or less.

Well, yes -- it's a tradeoff. At this point, I would estimate that
the enabling factor is more important than making the license air
tight. At the moment, ideological purity is much less important than
market share, IMO -- I believe the real standoff between a usable
Linux or continued Microsoft world domination.

"Linux is a very complete and sophisticated operating system. There
are, and will be, large numbers of applications available for it."
-- Paul Maritz, Group Vice President for Platforms And Applications,
Microsoft Corporation [Reference at:]

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