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    SubjectRe: AMD K6-2/400 and FIC VA-503+BM with Linux 2.0.36
    John Fulmer <> writes:

    > Do we have any good sucess stories with <350 Mhz K6's and FIC
    > VA-503+ MB's? I can't say I've heard one yet with this combo and
    > Linux.

    I have noticed that the rev of your via chipset
    is also important in terms of stability and AGP behavior.
    My board is the "CE" rev. Also, make sure
    that you have the newest bios as it will help,
    particularly if you have an AGP card, and more so
    if it is an i740 based one. My box posted
    fine and could boot linux all the way out to 400mhz
    (it is a 333mhz part). however, stability past ~350 was
    pretty questionable.

    also, check your fan and heat grease. I have an oversized
    fan (exceeds manufacturers spec) and a decent amount
    of good quality grease between the cpu and the fan. also,
    no stickers (remove) as paper is an excellent insulator
    which will prevent the cpu from being cooled effectively.

    > > I'm told but haven't verified this that there are 66MHz bus only
    > > K6/2 parts

    mine (a 333) runs "stock" at a 95mhz bus with a 3.5 multiplier,
    which is the recommended setting from the FIC manual.

    It is too bad that people are having trouble with the k6/503+
    combination, as i have found it to give me a very effective
    machine for an upgrader (still using 72pin simms).

    -- craig

    Craig I. Hagan "It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to back it up"
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    "It takes a village to raise an idiot, but an idiot can raze a village"

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