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SubjectRe: very poor TCP performance with 2.2.2
We've also run into the same problem with very poor TCP performance with
2.2.2-ac3 yesterday. Here's the config for my machine:

RedHat 5.2 installation + relevant updates for 2.2.x kernel
Pentium 200MMX with 64M ram
Linux 2.2.2-ac3
egcs 1.1.1

We looked at performance in two categories: transferring small files
(256-512 bytes) and large files (ranging from a couple of k to 128k).
For small files, the 2.2 kernel was a touch slower than 2.0.36 (approx.
5%), but the real shocker was the performance for the large files, where
the 2.2 kernel was about 12x slower than 2.0.36.

For reference purposes, the files were being served up by a light-weight
multi-threaded web server we wrote/use internally. The client was
running NT4 and using a program that cycled repeatedly through requests
for the particular pages. All pages were already loaded in the server's
cache before running the benchmarks so that the filesystem wouldn't come
into play.

If there's any further information I could provide that'd help track
this problem down, please let me know. It's a bit of a show stopper for
our purposes.

Mark G. Adams
Software Developer
LivePage Corporation

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