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Subject2.2.2: 2 thumbs up from lm
[offtopic, if you know that 2.2 is God's gift to the world, skip this]

I've been stress testing for the last day or so because I added a
128MB DIMM and started getting crashes (turns out it is a known
problem with the FIC 503+ MB, so get the biggest DIMM you can
afford - it doesn't seem to like two of them at once).

I'm sitting at the system, which is currently doing the following

- running X, with an xfishtank & xearth in the background,
the fish are moving, albeit slowly

- running a "make -j 24" on the kernel

- running a "tar cf - . | cat /dev/null" of my home directory,
which is NFS mounted, so lots of network traffic

- running "scrubber 120" which is a program which allocates 120MB
of memory and then walks through it over and over, checking and
setting values (this found "bad" memory when I had 2 DIMMS in).
I'm running in 128MB total, and this program has an average RSS of

- running lat_pipe and bw_pipe in background, in an infinite loop

- running top to watch all this

And the system is, while sluggish, responsive while I'm typing.
I've opened up windows during all of this and it works, again, sluggish
but not so sluggish that you give up. You could actually get work done
on a system this busy.

I'm very impressed - I do not think that SunOS (or any of the other
Unices) ever got to this point. If you did this to them, it was just
intolerable. So whatever you did, it's worth it. Quite impressive,

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