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Subject[2.2.2] The difference between sk_filter and sock_filter?

there is trouble with the option CONFIG_FILTER. The structure
sk_filter used with patch 2.2.2 isn't defined in any header. Only the
struct sock_filter is given in include/linux/filter.h.
It looks like sk_filter and sock_filter are different structures because
the sk_run_filter call in include/net/sock.h uses the entries insns and
len of that new structure. That means something like

struct sk_filter {
unsigned short len;
atomic_t refcnt;
struct sock_filter *insns;

Besides this the change of sk_run_filter() in net/core/filter.c
wasn't ported to include/linux/filter.h.
The (inlined) function sk_filter_len() is missed (calculate the
real length out of the numbers of blocks used??).
And some macros are missed: SKF_NET_OFF, SKF_LL_OFF, SKF_AD_OFF,


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