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SubjectMaybe Disk Problem.
"wish to be personally CC'ed the answers/comments posted to the list
in response to my posting".

Hello, ( I'm sorry for the length )

From the first time I installed linux
I had problems like:

sig11 with kernel compiling,
crc error on opening archives
error on casual copying of files.

It was on kernel 2.0.35.
On trying - Including the recent release of the kernel I had the same
But with 2.0.29 my computer works completely fine, but it means
I can't upgrade the kernel.
My guess all the time was that the new kernels support UDMA and my
disk don't like it, and today I proved it
when installed the 35 kernel on old disk and everything was fine.

What do you think - how can I prove that this is a disk problem
so I can exchange it?


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