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SubjectRe: Is the 'full internal IPX network' Win9x RM capable?
From said:
> Win95 can be installed on a server via NETSETUP.EXE. As far as the
> resource kit help says, this must be a server capable of NetBIOS over
> IPX or NetBIOS over NetBEUI.

> Is the IPX support in the Linux kernel far enough to allow me to do
> this? Or is this rather a Samba/marsnwe issue?

The IPX support in the kernel is there, but Samba doesn't support NetBIOS over
IPX, and there doesn't seem to be any interest in doing so. The kernel has no
netbeui support.

Marsnwe might be useful - I've managed to install Win3.1 from such a share
in the dim and distant past.

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