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SubjectRe: MPLS patent problem resolution? (fwd)

Here's a message that pretty much summarizes the MPLS patent situation.
The IETF's collection of patent claims is located


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Date: 22 Feb 1999 01:04:05 -0800
From: Tony Li <>
To: William F. Maton <>
Subject: Re: MPLS patent problem resolution?

> I seem to recall someone from IBM making a statement to this list
> that there may be a patent related to MPLS (or something to that effect).
> Has there been any resolution? Have the waters cleared?

More specifically, IBM noted that they had made a patent filing in this
area, but were unwilling to publically disclose the nature or claims of the
patent filing. AFAIK, that patent has not yet been issued.

<Personal opinion>
IBM seems to have an IPR statement to make in many, many working groups. I
would strongly urge folks to investigate specific claims very thoroughly
before blindly licensing patents which may or may not apply.

You should note that there is nothing in the IETF process whereby someone
making an IPR claim actually has to back the claim with a provably relevant
patent. At the same time, folks ARE obligated to come forward with IPR
that they deem relevant. This encourages folks to err on the side of
</Personal opinion>


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