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    SubjectRe: Unicode console patch
    On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Marcin Dalecki wrote:

    > Ahh we are going to implement STREAMS of some kind in kernel then...

    Nonononononono... maybe something _vaguely_ similar but _highly_
    specialized and lean. Not STREAMS. No. No way.

    > Yes! Ever looked at the terminfo record for the sun console
    > terminal. I think the current linux tty driver does already
    > far too much in the kernel itself.
    > The rest should be handled by a pty user land programm.
    > (Basically I think this should all be done as an extension to the
    > GNU screen programm.)

    I'm using screen now as it happens. Having looked at the code
    I would be tempted to start from scratch though. No offence to
    anyone :-).


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