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    SubjectRe: howto disable auto route setup?
    In <> Neil Conway ( wrote:
    > Mike Jagdis wrote:
    >> On Tue, 2 Feb 1999, Sam Mortimer wrote:
    >> > >Because the ifconfig says that the interface exists on that network
    >> > >with that address
    >> >
    >> > ..and subnet mask!
    >> Huh? Don't get excited - network is defined by address and mask :-).

    > Vaguely on this topic, I've been wondering if it's legal/advisable/safe
    > to have a netmask like ?

    > Anyone? The HOWTO is rather ambiguous about it. I think it's legal,
    > but am not entirely sure. This also seems to imply a broadcast addr. of
    > something like for a network address of,
    > presumably that's OK too?

    It's Ok from RFC viewpoint but some [old] routers could be confused by such

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