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    SubjectRe: Locking a process or thread onto a specific CPU
    > > > If this is not possible at the moment, can anyone (a) comment on its
    > > > feasibility (b) advise us on where to look to implement it or (c)
    > > > comment on its desirability as a new feature.
    > >
    > > I think this is very desirable. It is also desirable to be able to
    > > disable some CPUs. I have one example where this kind of flexibility
    > > is desirable.
    > I thought that there were patches to do this? It was pretty
    > simple.

    I have done this, and I am currently re-writing it from scratch, for 2.2 is the URL for the old
    is currently undergoing a complete from-scratch rewrite, with new features.

    Features do/will include:
    new system call sysmp (compatible with SGI)
    library wrappers for bind_to_cpu() (digital UNIX)
    library wrappers for processor_bind() (Sun? - who uses this?)
    Restrict processors from running general processes
    lock a process to a processor, or set of processors
    remove a processor from general use, and lock it to a single process
    (and it's children)
    disable a processor from scheduling any processes

    does this sound like what you want ?


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