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    SubjectMissing CDROMRESET ioctl, MAD16 configuration problem
    Here is message I tried to sent to this list some time ago, but it seems
    messages I send from Mutt to this and some other mailing list get lost.
    I feel completely clueless. I'm sending it now via Netscape, which seems
    to work (at least with other mailing lists).

    Here is message that I some time ago, but it didn't appear on
    I assume it got lost. I seem to have typed 'vgers' instead of 'vger' in
    address. Aint' I a loser. cdrom.c seems not to be changed in pre-7, so
    patch should work.
    (I don't subscribe to list right now) (Wow, how lame I must be!)

    For some reason, 2.2.0 doesn't have CROMRESET ioctl. Is it intentional?
    Anyway, patch against 2.2.0-pre6 included.
    Some general notes:
    Many thanks to those who removed busy wait from ATAPI CDROM resetting
    Since opening cdrom device now fails if it contains no cd (or failed to
    recognize it), eject and probably many other CDROM programs must be
    Change.log probably should mention it.
    Applying patches from 2.2.0-pre2 to 2.2.0-pre6 was pain because of new
    directory scripts/ksymoops. Probably should instruct to
    this directory manually (as I did) or tell which version of patch to use
    there exists one that handles it correctly
    -----------------CUT HERE------------------------------------------
    diff -u --recursive linux-2.2.0-pre6/drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c
    --- linux-2.2.0-pre6/drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c Sat Jan 9 15:47:29 1999
    +++ linux/drivers/cdrom/cdrom.c Sat Jan 9 16:27:33 1999
    @@ -723,6 +723,12 @@
    return -ENOSYS;
    return cdo->tray_move(cdi, 0);

    + case CDROMRESET:
    + cdinfo(CD_DO_IOCTL, "entering CDROMRESET\n");
    + if (!(cdo->capability & ~cdi->mask & CDC_RESET))
    + return -ENOSYS;
    + return cdo->reset(cdi);
    cdinfo(CD_DO_IOCTL, "entering CDROMEJECT_SW\n");
    if (!(cdo->capability & ~cdi->mask & CDC_OPEN_TRAY))
    -----------------CUT HERE------------------------------------------
    And here is another message that I sent to linux-sound list (does it
    With kernel 2.2.0 I was finaly able to use MIDI on my sound card (junk
    To do so, I enabled CONFIG_MAD16_OLDCARD setting. Thanks to those who
    made it
    Some notes:
    With this setting, driver supports MIDI interrupts 5,7,11 (see
    linux/drivers/sound/mad16.c line arount line 786), but config suggests
    values 5,7,9 or 10 with default 9
    I had to patch linux/drivers/sound/sb_common.c near line 862 not to MIDI
    interrupt check.
    Apparently I must enable CONFIG_SOUND_YM3812 as well. Could config do it

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