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    SubjectRe: Advansys.o module quirk..
    > PLEASE! Text only to the list! No HTML. Select the list as "prefers not to
    > recieve HTML mail". Most of us on this list I imagine don't use
    > Netscape/IE to check our mail.

    > On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Daniel Davis wrote:

    > [NON-Text Body part not included]

    Woops.. didn't realize it was.. Sorry 'bout that..

    Anyway, my question again is:

    I installed Redhat 5.2 on my box which has a Advansys SCSI card (and a
    different brand) installed. Everything works fine.

    I compiled the 2.2.1 kernel with the SCSI drivers in the kernel as opposed
    to modules. Now when I boot everything works fine but I get a message
    saying /lib/advansys.o was compiled for kernel version 2.0.36.

    This is correct in that that was the original version. My question is:
    Where is the insmod or similar command that is causing it to keep attempting
    this? I've greped just about everywhere I can think of and I still can't
    find it.

    Can anybody provide me with info on where I should be looking or how to see
    which file is calling it?

    Daniel Davis

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