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    SubjectRe: fsync on large files
    > Stephen, I'v etold you before: I will not accept these kinds of extensions
    > to ext2. Make a new filesystem, and if you want, re-use the code (and the
    > layout) of ext2.

    Linus before sounding off why not have a look at the patches concerned. Its
    bad when you go around pronouncing on things before looking hard. Eg the
    direct I/O stuff has all the hooks to do direct I/O from/to a file system
    next step but you just panned it without looking. Now this.

    (I don't claim to be perfect and not to have done the same at times)

    > kinds of major fs modifications - call it "ext3" and after a year or so of
    > in-production use we can drop ext2.

    And funnily enough the instructions for applying his patch start
    "copy fs/ext2 to fs/ext3 then..."


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