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SubjectRe: Strange memory leak??
On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Alan Cox wrote:

> > As we see the memory used by a new shell is not recovered. I also
> I can't see that.
> > (kernel or desynchronization between leaking 'make' & kernel as it was
> There is a problem in 2.2.1 where the system could get in a state it queued
> sufficient I/O that it effectively queued itself out of memory. Thats fixed
> in 2.2.2pre and thus should be in 2.2.1ac. How does the same build set
> behave with 2.0.x ?
Could this result in sound modules being unable to allocate DMA:ble memory?
(just pondering as loading any sound drivers seems to be impossible for me under 2.2.x)

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