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SubjectRe: rmdir of one's pwd (was Re: rmdir of a busy directory)
    From: Ralf Corsepius <>

Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Show me POSIX or other standards that say that you can't do it, and I
> guess I have to work around a standards problem, but right now I say that
> if programs ask for 'rmdir(".")', then they had better get it. I don't
> think the OS should second-guess anybody.

I don't know about a formal standard, either.

Nevertheless, in my initial post, I wasn't talking about rmdir (2), I was
talking about rmdir(1)'s behaviour on linux-2.[12].x breaking gcc/fixincludes
for building cross-compilers.

A formal standard for rmdir(1) can be found in POSIX.2
(I have the 1993-12-22 edition here).
It says:

"The rmdir utility shall remove the directory entry specified by each operand,
which shall refer to an empty directory."

No exception is made for ".".
Thus, gcc/fixincludes needs fixing.


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