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    Subjectselect()/socket has problems under 2.2.x.

    This problem was not present in 2.1.132!

    I'm sorry to submit a bug report with somewhat limited information on
    this problem, but I wanted to get something out ASAP. I was also
    hoping it was a known problem.... :)

    I have a rather large program that has a select() call waiting on
    information from a socket. I have a very small server program that
    servers this information. When I connect to the smaller server with
    telnet or any other small client program it works just fine. However,
    the select() call in the larger program never returns even though the
    send() call came back 100% successful in the small server. I didn't
    write the larger program so it's possiable that it's doing something
    fancier like setting IP socket options.

    * This problem occurs with linux-2.2.0 & linux-2.2.1-ac5.

    * This problem is NOT present in linux-2.1.132.

    * I haven't tired the kernels in between (namely the pre-2.2)

    Having un-reliable TCP/IP socket and/or select() stuff seems like "A
    really bad thing". I've double checked that I've upgraded all the
    necessary packages and it seems I have. The fact that it works in
    linux-2.1.132 makes me really think it's a kernel problem.

    If this is not a known problem. I will gladly do any debugging,
    including trying every kernel in between to find which one "broke".

    Any Ideas?

    Rick Niles.

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