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SubjectRe: Linux and the "Euro" symbol?
Followup to:  <>
By author: Greaves Tristan TM <>
In newsgroup:
> Hmm, I think my question was badly worded. :)
> I guess this is a *distribution* thing as opposed to a kernel thing, if
> it really is just a matter of including it in a keymap.
> I guess I mean: In a standard VGA console, can you bring up a Euro symbol
> by pressing the right keyboard combination? Anyone know what this
> combination *is*? Keyboards nowadays are having the "Euro" symbol printed
> on the "E" key...

AltGr-E (AltGr == Mode_Switch) for most keyboards; I believe the
recommended keycode for U.S. keyboards is Shift-Alt-4.

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are, and will be, large numbers of applications available for it."
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