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SubjectRe: PLL in kernel?
On Mon, Feb 01, 1999 at 12:56:37PM -0500, Kris Karas wrote:
> Arvind Sankar wrote:
> > ok, figured it out. xntpd by default decides that linux doesn't have an
> > accurate adjtimex.
> If this is what xntpd is doing, then you're likely running into the glibc-2 bug
> that has bitten many people trying to get ntp-4 running. In a nutshell, ntp
> uses two kernel PLL routines, ntp_gettime and ntp_adjtime; linux, OTOH, provides
> just one superset, called adjtimex. Libc5 (glibc-1) correctly provides wrappers
> that convert the ntp_x calls to linux adjtimex, but glibc-2 omits one of them.
> Hence, the configure thinks they're not present. I forget the workaround, but
> H.J.Lu I think made patches to glibc2 to fix this. You can fudge it by
> hand-editing the results of the ./configure to enable the accurate adjtimex
> (etc).

m. I'm running ntp3. glibc is glibc2 (2.0.111). actually I looked at the
configure, and it just says accurate-adjtimex no if its *linux. I explicitly
enabled it with --enable-accurate-adjtimex.

-- arvind

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