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    SubjectRe: A module bug in 2.2.1?
    >I made unix domain socket as a module in 2.2.1. When I booted up, I
    >got so many
    >insmod: a module named /lib/modules/2.2.1/misc/unix already exists
    >Any ideas?

    kmod in the kernel is trying to demand load unix domain sockets with
    'modprobe -s -k unix'. modprobe gets some error. Because modprobe
    was given "-s", it calls syslog to record the error. syslog tries to
    use a unix domain socket, causing the kernel to again 'modprobe -s -k unix'
    again, continuing the recursive cycle.

    I am not sure why you are getting an error in the first place though,
    especially that error. Do you perhaps have a custom module of your own
    named "unix"?

    By the way, a bunch of x86 machines at Yggdrasil at this moment are running
    the same 2.2.1 kernel binary that is built with unix domain sockets
    as a loadable module, so rest assured that it can be done. On the
    other hand, there is a kludge in each of the different initial ramdisks
    that these identical fully modularized kernels boot that disables loading
    of the unix domain sockets module until the hard disk is mounted
    and a new conf.modules has been automatically generated from the
    machine's detected hardware configurations This is to prevent just
    the scenario you are describing if there is a problem with the initial
    modprobe configuration.

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